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Welcome to ASQ Education, a specialist recruitment agency in the education sector. We are perfectly placed to provide a more personal, tailored and professional level of service to all our clients.

We specialise in creating the perfect match between schools and candidates by aligning personaility as well as skill-set to a specific job role.

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Teaching Assistant London

At ASQ we are always only to happy to help...

Happy Candidates

Putting our schools and candidates first, don't take our word for it hear it from our clients.

After being terrified about doing daily supply I joined 5 agencies but only worked with ASQ. They listened to exactly what work I wanted and allowed me to start slowly so I could gain confidence. After a month I was working full-time in great schools, one of which ended up in a job. Would definitely recommend this agency and their social events are a lot of fun too!

Teacher Agency London

Sarah Cross(Primary Teacher)

My experience with ASQ Education has been nothing but positive. I registered from New Zealand and by the time I arrived in London I had my registration meeting planned, as well as two job interviews. My consultant took the time to help me improve my C.V and listened to what schools I would be interested in working in. I am now working full-time in a long term position and am very grateful to ASQ for helping me make this happen.

Teacher recruiment agency Hammersmith

Kelly Mitchell(Secondary Teacher)

  • When I started with ASQ, I had been working in schools in London for a few years. I loved my work but had decided to move into secondary and had a particular field in mind. ASQ were the first agency to take on board the type of school I really wanted to work in and found me the perfect match incredibly quickly, which I was really impressed with. Since then, they have been very supportive, professional and always had my best interests in mind! I mainly dealt with Jo Bennett, who was fantastic. After all the agencies I've worked with, and hearing stories from colleagues and friends, I will be highly recommending anyone to join!

    Fenella Walker (Behaviour Support Worker)

  • I have really enjoyed working for ASQ. I have worked with Richard who has found me loads of work (I have only had one day where there was no work). He has been extremely friendly and personable. He has never tried to force work on me and if I didn't like a school he has taken that into consideration when finding me daily supply.

    All the schools I have been to have been friendly and well resourced and planning has been left and clear. I have returned me many of these schools and have really enjoyed teaching at them.

    Michael Buck (Primary Teacher)

  • I have been with ASQ for only three months and already had more days through them than other agencies I have been with for seven months.

    The registration process was very easy and straight forward. My file was also processed very quickly so they could get me out as soon as possible. The pay is very good and I have been sent to a variety of schools in London. It's fantastic how they send you to schools within a manageable travelling distance and let you know the ins and outs of the school before you arrive so you know what to expect. You don't feel like just a number and they treat you with great respect. Socially, they organise great functions where you have the opportunity to meet like minded people, staff and share teaching and other experiences.

    Michael Coutts (Secondary Teacher)

  • Having had some bad experiences of agencies in a former career I was expecting the worst from a teaching agency only to find that I actually felt like I was being treated as a human being rather than as a profit making opportunity. The interview process was relaxed but professional and I felt like my wishes and concerns had been listened to and taken seriously. I received excellent advice about how to make myself known to target schools and I was offered work swiftly after the registration process had been completed.

    I accepted all the assignments offered, as advised, including working in a reception class and as an LSA before landing a one day assignment as a cover supervisor in a lovely secondary school close to my home. Once ASQ knew that I had enjoyed the placement they made sure that I returned to the school again before finally sending me there on a two week placement. This became long term and I have now secured a contract and a start to my NQT year. I have always felt supported by the agency and have found the staff to be efficient and friendly and therefore had no hesitation in recommending to my son that he should register too. Thanks to ASQ my son has also secured a long term booking.

    I signed up with 5 teaching agencies but the service I received from ASQ stood head and shoulders above the rest and I would warmly recommend them to anyone.

    Jan Brocklehurst (SEN Teacher)

  • I have kept coming back to ASQ over the last 3 years because I LOVE them. I cannot fault their service. Richard Scott is absolutely the best consultant I have ever come across. I love the text communication which makes everything so much easier. Unlike other agencies if you're offered work they keep it for you until you get back to them.There's no fighting with others to be the first to call in.

    ASQ's service is completely tailored to your wants and needs. I've never felt pressurised to do anything I haven't wanted to do and they regularly provide you with feedback from the schools you've been to. I am very fussy about what and where I teach, despite that I still always get enough work.

    Their team is a lot smaller than in some agencies so you get to know your consultants and they actually remember who you are, where you like to go and your availability. They also have regular meet-ups so you build up a good network with other supply teachers too.

    Heidi Coleman (Primary Teacher)

  • ASQ Education is the best teaching agency I have found in London. They have been friendly, honest and reliable. I have enjoyed great rates of pay in some amazing schools. I really like the personalised service I get from ASQ which is not available in other, bigger teaching agencies. They are easy to communicate with, professional and consistent. I would undoubtedly recommend this agency to anyone looking to start supply teaching in London, or to those who are looking for an agency that really are a cut above the rest.

    Luke Russell(Secondary Teacher)

  • I was in contact with various agencies before deciding to go with ASQ, I felt there was a genuine and friendly professional approach from the consultants. I dealt mainly with Jo who was brilliant, she really looked out me and linked me up with work that suited what I was looking for. There was no fee for the CRB which is a real plus when your waiting to start work! Overall after a year never had one complaint or felt the need to change. Any reservations I had about work/certain jobs was listened and responded too. Throw really good social evenings too! would definitely would recommend to friends.

    Dianne O'Conner (Learning Support Assistant)